What, Why, Who & How of Trademark Registration

Imagine that you have invested heaps of money, time, and efforts in your new business set-up. How will you make sure that the identity of your company is secured? How can you ensure that your credibility is safe? Trademark Registration is your answer.

For any business setup in UAE, Trademark registration is crucial. It distinguishes your business and your products from other businesses and products in the market. There are several entrepreneurs who forget this important aspect which can lead to ramifications at later stages and then they rush over to the legal consultants. This blog discusses what Trademark Registration is and why is it so important.

What is Trademark Registration?

According to Federal Decree Law No. 36 of 2021, a trademark is any distinguished form of names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, logos, titles, hallmarks, seals, pictures, patterns, announcements, packs or any other marks or group of marks, if they were used or intended to be used either to distinguish goods, products or services from whatever sources, or to indicate that certain services, goods or products belong to the owner of the trademark, because of their provision, manufacturing, selection or trading. The voice accompanying a trademark is considered a part of it.

Why is Trademark registration important in the UAE?

  • Trademark restricts the use of your mark by others and helps protect your brand
  • It can be utilized as a marketing tool that can help in growing your brand
  • This helps in gaining an edge over your competitors
  • A registered trademark can substantially increase the value of a business in case of a resale
  • Businesses get the right to sue anyone in the UAE who tries to copy their trademark without their permission

Trademark Registration can benefit entrepreneurs in many ways. Let’s look at the benefits of trademark registration:

  • When you register your trademark with the help of legal consultants in Dubai, you can rest assured that no one else can use your trademark without your permission.
  • Once a brand is registered, its authenticity and originality get enhanced. It helps a business distinguish itself from competitors.
  • Trademarks built on incredible service and quality can be effectively leveraged.
  • A registered trademark adds credibility to the brand and communicates the sincerity of a company as an esteemed service provider or a product supplier.

Who can register a trademark?

According to the above law, the following persons can register their trademarks:

  • The UAE citizens and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial industrial, professional, or service business.
  • Foreigners and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial, industrial, professional, or service business.
  • Foreigners and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial, industrial, professional, or service business in any country on basis of reciprocity
  • Other artificial persons.

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How to register a trademark?

In competitive commercial environments, your business name, logo, and other brand assets are vital to your success. Registering trademarks is an important step toward securing your brand and its reputation.

Lawgical Group has specialized legal consultants in Dubai with immense experience in trademark registration. We provide an unrivaled service to help you protect and enhance your brand’s value – both in the UAE and overseas. We ensure that your brand name and trademark are well-protected.

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