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Establishing a company in Dubai is the dream of any hustling entrepreneur and this is the single, most important decision to make.


UAE is a thriving business community and it comes with limitless options to choose from while establishing your business. It attracts scores of foreign investors due to its great infrastructure, location as an economic hub of the Middle East and its tax-free status.

Starting a successful business in the UAE needs great attention to detail and careful planning of every step for long-lasting business success. 

When the beginning matters the most, trust the experts with your company incorporation. We are undisputedly the best legal firm in Dubai with bespoke corporate solutions as we begin before you begin.

The work before the work

It all begins with your business goals and plans, and what business setup will allow you to grow and thrive.

Which types of business activities do you choose? Will you choose one emirate over the other for your business?

These and many such questions will help assess your options and help you choose the best options to incorporate your company. At the Lawgical group, we have a team of company formation consultants in Dubai who have the solutions to all the queries related to business incorporation. With our expertise and experience, you can have a bespoke solution for seamless company formation.

We offer the best company incorporation services in the UAE. Our team works hand in hand with you, exploring and advising the best options across the length and breadth of UAE, making sure you hit the ground running.

Lawgical Group has the best corporate lawyers in Dubai and we provide a customised service to meet your business goals and plans.  We walk you through the legal process, step by step, and simplify the formative process to best structure for your company.

Legal forms of businesses

This is one of the most crucial decisions when starting a new business in the UAE. Being the best company formation consultant in Abu Dhabi, we make sure you do not go wrong here.

Your decision will have vast ramifications for your company’s future operations, including business activity, shareholding structure, tax liabilities and banking services.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC)
  • Branch of foreign companies
  • Representative offices
  • Free zone entities

Shareholding structure

One more important process is to adopt a shareholding structure that complies with the regulating agencies while at the same time supporting your business.

Enhancing its reputation as an investment-friendly jurisdiction, the UAE recently enacted several landmark changes. UAE Amended Commercial Companies Law allowing 100% foreign ownership in UAE mainland companies which took effect from 1 June 2021.

The next important step is to adopt a shareholding structure that not only supports your business but also complies with the regulatory agencies of the country.

UAE has enacted several landmark changes in recent times to enhance its reputation as an investment-friendly economy. The Commercial Companies Law was amended on June 1, 2021, allowing 100% foreign ownership in UAE mainland companies.

There are certain activities which, due to their strategic importance, may not be 100% foreign-owned. These strategic activities are security, fisheries, communications and banking (including currency exchange houses and finance companies).

Considered the best company formation consultants in Dubai, we are committed to providing unparalleled assistance for business incorporation. We understand the intricacies of the UAE business landscape and can guide you in the right direction through the process with ease. From the initial consultation to the final documentation, our company formation consultant in Abu Dhabi is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive assistance tailored to your specific needs. 

A free zone company can conduct business only inside the specific free zone or outside the UAE. It is not permitted to sell or provide services in any UAE mainland jurisdiction. An expatriate can hold 100% ownership over a free zone license without the need for a UAE national as a partner.

Incorporation Process

Once we settle on the right licensing, activity and office options, we move into the incorporation process.

Incorporating a company in the UAE goes through several steps including name reservation, document filling and submitting, applying for the trade license, etc.

The licensing procedure involves the following macro steps. This might vary depending on jurisdiction and the nature of activities.

Immediately after deciding about the License and business activity, the company incorporation process begins.

The journey of incorporation has many steps such as company name reservation, documentation, trade license application, etc.

We offer the best company incorporation services in the UAE for maximum convenience for our clients.

The licensing procedure involves the following macro steps. This may vary on the basis of jurisdiction and the nature of activities.

  • Reservation of the entity’s trade name with the licensing authority
  • Obtaining  initial approval from the licensing authority
  • Special approval from the local Municipality, the MOE or other competent authorities for conducting industrial or contracting activities
  • Execution of the memorandum of association of the entity before a notary public in the UAE
  • Signing the office lease agreement and registering it with the concerned authority
  • Final registration with the licensing authority and the issuance of  license

Additional approvals may be required from other government departments depending on the nature of the commercial activities.

The best part is that we offer white-glove service to incorporate your company by completing the whole process while you are getting ready to run your company.

We recommend the best jurisdiction-free zone based on your business requirement and handle the entire setup and registration process for you. Furthermore, if you face any difficulties finding your way around the legalities of the corporate world, our team of the best corporate lawyers in Dubai is here to assist you. So get in touch with us to best serve your business needs.

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Get guidance and legal advice from credible advocate partners at measurable and transparent prices.

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