Debt Collection & Claims Recovery

The most cost-effective alternative to legal proceedings

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, and our main aim is to improve your cash flow for smooth business operations.

With thriving business conditions, debt becomes a great tool and is a part of doing business. It fuels companies’ growth beyond their financial means.

However, with more debt comes more risks. Bad debts are one such side-effect that chokes your cash flow and is totally out of your control.

We at the Lawgical Group can make things better for your business by making debt collections easy. Reckoned as the best debt collection agency in Dubai, we have a team of expert debt collectors and legal officers who are always ready to handle your case with tenacity and transparency.

Why use our collections and recovery services?

Going to court is the last option on one’s mind, given the fact that litigation is both time-consuming and expensive.

Taking the right decision in favour of our collections and recovery services will help mitigate the costs involved and recover your money within a shorter time frame.

Lawgical Group, as a premier debt collection agency in Abu Dhabi, has a separate department with hands-on experience and an incredible track record for collecting bad debt with end-to-end processes.

Skip-Tracing Services

When working on some cases, we fail to establish communication with the debtors. At our debt recovery agency in Sharjah, the first thing we do is to verify all the received information.

Then we start collecting any information available about the debtor in public records like online databases, social media, job applications, utility bills, etc.

The next step is to conduct third-party enquiries like contacting their current or past acquaintances like friends, relatives or co-workers.

All the skip tracing work is done ethically and legally, by keeping our Client’s and debtor’s information confidential.

End-to-End Collections

With boundless legal footprints, we deliver remarkable results in a collection with our unique cost-effective, multi-stage, pre-litigation approach.

Court proceedings, as a final step, are explored when absolutely necessary.

Customised Approach

Every case is different. Here, a thorough review of all the information provided by the client is essential. Research and Collection approach planning is necessary.

Establishing a workable communication channel with the debtor is crucial; wherein we probe, listen and understand the prevailing circumstances and their present situation.

We create a customised approach for each individual client, even if that means several visits to your debtors.

Why we are the best in Debt Collection and Claims Recovery

  • Our recovery expertise spans across various industries and geographies
  • We have an eclectic team of experts with our collection lawyers, field collectors and support staff
  • We have a global presence with our carefully selected network of legal partners in over 130 countries
  • This is a legal recovery firm and not a debt collection agency. Debt recovery done by a law firm is better and more result oriented
  • Transparent and timely activity reports along with systematic case updates
  • Multi-lingual, approachable staff and a personalised experience
  • Facilitating settlement by explaining legal consequences to the debtor and urging them to make payment in instalments or PDC cheques or with an upfront discount as confirmed by the Client
  • Exceptional results, we have had many success stories where the recoveries we achieved substantially surpassed the expectations of our clients
  • Competitive and flexible fee structure

Debt Collection and Recovery Process:

Our time-tested and cost-effective multi-stage pre-litigation process is managed by a team of expert debt collectors and legal officers.

We follow a stringent and a comprehensive process to maximise the chance of recovery of your funds by the following methods:

  • Thorough review and analysis of the case file by our legal experts including all documentation, contracts (if any) and all communications conducted between the Client and the debtor
  • Introductory email to the debtor notifying them about the case and that it has been handed over to a legal firm, to create pressure on the debtor
  • Phone calls by our Legal & Collection Specialists to the concerned person/ decision-maker in a professional manner to understand the state of finances as well as the debtor’s intention of repayment
  • Rigorous follow-ups by emails and phone calls based on the response of the debtor
  • Physical visits to the debtor’s premises by our local PR team for further legal pressure on the debtor and to discuss settlement possibilities
  • Issuing a warning letter to the debtor (if required)
  • Facilitating settlement by explaining legal consequences to the debtor and urging them to make payment in instalments or PDC cheques or with an upfront discount on lump sum payment as confirmed by the Client
  • Sending legal notice to the debtor (if required)
  • Drafting a settlement agreement with mutual consensus of the Client and the debtor
  • Consistent follow-up via calls and visits until maximum recovery and collection of the debt

Apart from being a debt recovery agency, we also serve as a corporate law firm in Abu Dhabi, offering bespoke legal solutions. This lowers costs and eliminates the need for future debt collection actions. If you need a cost-effective, competent service for international debt collection in the UAE that gets results, call us right now to get your income flowing again!

Looking for bespoke legal and business support services?

Get guidance and legal advice from credible advocate partners at measurable and transparent prices.

Looking for first-class legal support?

Get guidance and legal advice from credible advocate partners at measurable and transparent prices.


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